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Episode 20: A Very Special Episode with Sam and Shea

December 18, 2017

Our partners Shea and Sam join us for our 20th episode! We are so excited to introduce you to the guys that support us through our everyday lives as sewists and entrepreneurs. We test their sewing knowledge, laugh about the hardships of living with a sewist, and get their take on our journey as small business owners.

  • Shea wants footie sweatpants like these:

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  • Clint Eastwood in The Man with No Name:

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  1. Kathleen says:

    How can anyone listen to this podcast and not have SOMETHING to say?! I had so much fun – I laughed like a crazy woman. You are all so blessed to have each other! I thought my husband would likely agree with most of what your men had to say. He’s pretty good at listening to me when I get stressed and he’s been hugely supportive when I have to make a difficult decision that could go sideways. What struck me was Sam’s comment that he can’t wait until Helen is making enough $ that he can stay home and assist her. After about 5 years of being self employed, we were able to do that and Erich loves it πŸ™‚ He does everything. Yes, he too is a bit of a neat freak and domestic diva (he doesn’t sew but he loves to hang around when I’m sewing and help out if I need him to thread the serger, pre-washing and folding fabric πŸ™‚ ) What he loves the best is taking care of me and he does an amazing job of it. One day Helen you’ll have that too πŸ™‚ Gratitude to all four of you for making this last hour another highlight in my week and Happy Holidays! I wish you all an even better 2018 than 2017 was.

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Thanks so much for sharing that Kathleen. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode! Happy holidays and all the best for 2018 πŸ™‚

  2. Barb says:

    That was the cutest ever! I listened on my drive to work and I’m sure I got a lot of odd looks when I was laughing!

    Merry Christmas and I’m looking forward to a lot of fun podcasts in 2018!

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Merry Christmas to you too Barb! Thanks so much for listening πŸ™‚

  3. Linda (ACraftyScrivener) says:

    What a great episode and I will get my husband to listen one day- AFTER I have made him some Hudson pants, lol!

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      LOL – great idea! So glad you enjoyed the episode πŸ™‚ Happy holidays!

  4. Peggy Mead says:

    This was a fun and hilarious episode! I love your men! I think Shea could honestly be a comedian.

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Thanks Peggy! Shea will be so glad to hear that! <3

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