Love to Sew,
2:42 MINS

Episode 0: Introducing the Love to Sew Podcast

August 11, 2017

Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. They talk (and laugh) about their passion for sewing a handmade wardrobe and their daily lives as creative entrepreneurs. Listen to interviews with indie business owners and inspiring sewists who totally understand your obsession with sewing. Join us every Tuesday for new episodes of Love to Sew!



  1. Annie says:

    Sounds great. Looking forward to tuning in. I love listening to podcasts when I sew.

  2. What an absolutely brilliant surprise and can say the BEST I could ever have imagined? When you announced about a week ago you 2 were cooking up a shared surprise gift for us, I couldn’t imagine what it might be, but a sewing podcast? A dream come true 🙂 I am a huge fan of sewing podcasts (there are far too few in my opinion) but one that you 2 put together can only be the very best of the best. You’ll have to do youtube videos too! They are a great way to promote your podcast and scoop an even greater following which will now grow exponentially anyway but a vlog (like what Kate does on the FoldLine) will round out your multimedia approach 🙂 I know…work, work, work :)) Congratulations on what I believe will be a wonderful venture for the 2 of you and us fans too.

  3. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

    Thanks everyone for listening!

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