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Episode 24: Sewing Makes You Love Yourself

January 15, 2018

In this episode, we’re setting aside our goals and resolutions, and carving out space to talk about self-love! Inspired by the #SMYLY2018 challenge, we each tell our stories of how sewing has changed the way we view our bodies. We also offer tips for how you can be more body positive and kind to yourself this year.

I spent SO much of my teen years and early 20’s wishing I looked or acted like someone else. And, this was before the days of social media. I didn’t have access to watching the lives of strangers in a way that so easily could make me compare myself to others even more so than I already did. It took me so long…really until my 30’s…to truly feel confident in my own skin, as I am. Some of that comes with age, but I also think a lot of it comes with seeing examples of other women who are not perfect, who are not models, who are unique in their own way just being who they are and being OK with it. So, here is what I am asking you to do today…I would like you to leave a comment here telling me at least ONE THING that you like about yourself. How often do we get a chance to do that? We’re often thinking about what to fix, what to resolve, what to make better in the New Year. But I would love you to just reflect on something you are already doing that kicks butt. AND, you get bonus points If you post a photo of your beautiful self on your own feed telling me and others what you like about yourself there, too. Hashtag the photo #OhJoyLoveYourself and tag a friend to get them to join in, too!

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  1. Nina says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories and being so honest. The discussion at the end about “flattering” reminded me of this piece:

    By the way, totally unrelated tech issue: when I play the podcast from this site it stops my browser working (Firefox on a MacBook – but I think maybe I had the same problem on a PC as well??). No other websites will open while I’m listening! But playing from Soundcloud, or from the embedded Soundcloud player on Helen’s ‘Wednesday Weekly’ posts, works totally fine. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem.

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Hi Nina – thanks for listening. What a great article.
      Regarding your issue – thank you for bringing that to our attention. Looking into it now…

    2. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Hi again Nina. We can’t seem to re-create the issue. Sorry about that! You can perhaps try a different browser. We also highly recommend listening on iTunes, or a podcast app 🙂

  2. Lizzie says:

    Love that you are doing YWA True! I have fallen off the band wagon but want to get back to doing it. Love listening to you guys while at work, makes me look forward to getting home and cracking on with things. 🙂

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Yes, you should totally get back to it! It’s been a really nice mix of challenging days and relaxing days. Thanks for listening, Lizzie! 🙂

  3. Mickey Schumm says:

    I found your podcast and really enjoy it. I am a knitter who used to see and want to get back into sewing. It has been lots of years! I have started doing easy things like pillows, etc. I want to try an easy garment and looked at some online indie patterns but the biggest size at a 44 bust is too small. I need 47 bust. How do you find patterns that come larger?

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Hi Mickey! You should definitely check out Cashmerette Patterns. We did an interview with the designer, Jenny Rushmore, for Episode 2 (early days!). There is also the Curvy Sewing Collective with lots of resources and pattern reviews. Hope this helps! Thanks for listening 🙂

  4. Deborah Thackeray says:

    This episode blew me away. I had been avoiding all the #smyly stuff as I don’t feel that sewing makes me love myself. At the moment, nothing makes me love myself – my work, my life, my hobbies. It often feels that I am just hanging on by my fingernails. But, if I sew something nice, then I am planning to wear it. And if I am planning to wear it, then I am planning another day and that is the best that I can do at the moment! I can’t even share this on instagram – I show the ‘I’m fine’ side of myself, but here I thought I would like to be honest.

    1. Helen Wilkinson & Caroline Somos says:

      Thank you for your honesty, Deborah! Sewing really can be a lifeline at times for so many people, and it is amazing to hear stories about how it has helped others get through tough times. We are glad that you enjoyed the episode and grateful that you felt you could share your thoughts with us! Hoping things look up soon! XOXO

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