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Episode 15: Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

November 13, 2017
We take on a ten-day capsule wardrobe challenge and tell you how it went, what we learned, and what we would do differently next time. Lee Vosburgh’s 10 x 10 Challenge helped us to reflect on our current lifestyle and wardrobe needs. We walk away feeling motivated to approach our sewing plans thoughtfully and realistically.


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  1. Kathleen says:

    I bought the Curated Closet last year and worked through her process. Her book and my workbook have a permanent home with my sewing books right beside my cutting table 🙂

    One of my favourite aspects of the process was assigning a “label” to my style. Carl Jung said naming your Devil strips him of his power over you 🙂 It was rather like giving a dream a title (a helpful process by the way). It grounded or centralized who I am in my clothes. For me it was “classic edgy” or “classic artsy”.

    Like both of you I work from home but thinking more carefully (and making a pie chart which wasn’t hers but someone else’s suggestion) about how much time I actually SPEND in certain activities helped me focus on what I needed more of, what I had too much of, and could be donated to allow more room in my closet for things I needed more of. The downside was that I discovered I have a slew of patterns that I’ve bought over the past year that I have no use for and I’m certainly not going to make if I have no use for them or they aren’t in my style (now that I know what the heck that is).

    So the process is helpful but it can be painful too which you both talked about in the podcast and I’m so glad you did!

    The result was that I sew fewer things, not sew less really just take more time to make each item and I buy a LOT less clothes in general. I can’t MAKE and BUY clothes. It would just get ridiculous – what would I do with all those clothes?? I decided if I’m going to make clothes, I need to make ALL my clothes because like you both I work from home and I just don’t have a need for a lot of clothing. That means those knit tanks and capris I wear around the house (like right now writing at the cpu), I need to make those too!

    As always your podcast was brilliant. So fresh and honest and funny. PLEASE never stop 🙂

    Love Kathleen

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